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Structured Notes

Structured Notes

Adding Structured Notes to your investment portfolio has the capability of providing great diversification from an income and / or growth perspective. It can generate a unique approach to investing as opposed to just buying something and hoping it goes up.

At Market Guard® we believe adding an investment approach such as this helps to create tremendous opportunity to generate results in unique and sophisticated way.

Every investor can handpick the approach that best fits their needs. The selections are broken down into INCOME or ACCUMULATION. The investor has the ability to create a customized note that is unique to themselves, or the ability to purchase an already existing offering.

Structured Notes Strategies

Income Strategy

The income strategy is designed for investors who are seeking an investment approach that delivers the opportunity for consistent income. The customized risk and return profiles of income structured notes can generally be suitable for many types of portfolios, with a wide range of available options.

Accumulation Strategy

The accumulation strategy is ready to deploy any number of products with a heavy focus on attempting to generate the greatest possible gain while taking the least amount of risk. This specific approach will assess the current conditions of the market and determine the appropriate offering.

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