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Market Guard® Opportunity Model Portfolios

The Market Guard® OPPORTUNITY model portfolio utilizes a numerical scoring system that ranks a stock within a group of stocks. The methodology assigns a score based on six key indicators covering different timeframes. The indicator scores are then sorted and assigned a technical ranking. The purpose of this ranking is to help identify the leaders and laggards within a specific group.

Once a technical ranking score is determined, as with all technical indicators, Market Guard® will analyze the strength utilizing their core indicators and analysis techniques.

The indicator score is unique and powerful because it accounts for several timeframes, rather than being tethered to a specific one. In order for a stock to be considered as part of the model, a stock must score well with all indicators and all timeframes to earn a top indicator score and technical rank.

Once a technical ranking score is established, Market Guard® searches stocks for a specific score in order to be considered for the model. Should a stock’s technical ranking fall below a specified score, the stock will be removed from the portfolio. If another stock has met the criteria, it could replace the former position.

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