The Power of Knowing

When To...Hold Sell Buy

*Disclosure : The graph illustrates an example of the S&P 500, ticker symbol SPY, from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2009. The red line portrays a buy and hold approach. The green line represents utilization of the 200 day SMA technical indicator strategy. When signaled to sell, SPY is replaced with SHY, the 1-3 year Treasury Bond ETF. When signaled to buy, SHY is replaced with SPY. This is for illustration purposes only and does not represent a specific portfolio or individual client. Volatility in the index may be materially different than any actual model or portfolio allocation. For a complete disclosure, please click here.

The chart is an example of how Market Guard utilizes technical indicators to help make non-emotional, methodical, and mathematical investment decisions that signal when to SELL, BUY and HOLD the individual investments within the portfolio. The period of time represented in the graph, we believe, provides a powerful example of all three of these potential triggering events.

When To Hold


Remaining in the market during periods of normal fluctuation is critical to success. Knowing you are invested with a strategy like Market Guard™ can help provide peace of mind.

When To Sell


Market Guard™ will assess the individual positions in the portfolio, signal a possible opportune time to sell, and attempt to capture any gains in the individual securities.

When To Buy


Once certain indicators are met, it will communicate the quantity of shares to purchase.

Intelligent Performance

The Market Guard strategy was created with one simple concept in mind, to help empower clients with the highest probability of investment success, while helping to protect their investments along the way. At Market Guard™, we strive to understand the challenges that face investors every day. Therefore, we created multiple investment strategies, with an intelligent approach, seeking to achieve the level of success we believe every investor deserves.

When it comes to investing, the reality is that without some form of downside protection, it is highly improbable that an investor will remain emotionally disciplined when markets become extremely volatile. For this reason, Market Guard™ developed an investment strategy that executes a tactical asset allocation model and utilizes a blend of technical indicators. Technical Indicators are mathematical calculations based on price, volume or open interest of a security or contract. Through the use of these technical indicators, the goal for the portfolios is to establish an exit point for each asset class, in order to attempt to minimize the damaging affects of a major market crash.

Research shows that asset allocation can be one of the most important factors to influence overall portfolio performance. According to multiple academic studies, more than 90% of a portfolio’s success is determined by asset allocation. How a portfolio is rebalanced, and when, contributes to this success. Market Guard™ portfolios take into account both downside risk and upside potential. Your money is too important to invest without an intelligent asset allocation that takes into account multiple factors and the potential outcomes that may be presented.

Life’s unpredictability demands flexibility. Market Guard™ portfolios are designed to provide investment liquidity in the event of unexpected financial obligations, real-time emergencies, or just the desire to access your funds.

Market Guard™ regularly reviews and monitors the investments selected inside the portfolios. Changes to the individual securities within the asset classes are executed when market conditions, technical indicators, or portfolio drift indicates. When we believe it is advantageous, a portfolio will be rebalanced, directing positions into undervalued asset classes and shrinking from overvalued asset classes.

Staying Connected

Market Guard™ is committed to keeping you informed at all times. This is accomplished by providing access to your most important account information 24/7. We also provide Monthly Market Commentary and Quarterly Reports, explaining market conditions and any reallocations that need to take place inside the portfolios. Market Guard™ understands your desire to access information on the go. Your portfolio information is accessible via smart phones, tablets, text messaging, and email.

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