Custom Options Trading

Market Guard® Managed Options Strategy

Adding a strong options trading strategy to your investment portfolio has the capability of providing great diversification from an income and / or growth perspective. We believe adding an investment approach such as this creates tremendous opportunity to generate results in unique and sophisticated way.

Under the Market Guard® Private Wealth Division, an investor can handpick the approach that best fits their needs. The selections are broken down into an INCOME or ACCUMULATION strategy.

Options Trading Strategies

Income Strategy

The income strategy is designed to primarily remain in cash, while collecting premium which can be used as an income stream. It simultaneously could provide an opportunity to capture upside gains by purchasing the underlying security in the future at a discount from the current price. The concept here is, Buy Low, Sell High, and get Paid to do it!

Accumulation Strategy

The accumulation strategy is ready to deploy any number of option contracts with a heavy focus on attempting to generate the greatest possible gain, while taking the least amount of risk. This specific approach will assess the current conditions of the market and determine the appropriate contracts to buy and/or sell.

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